The Day’s story so far

Students using The Day at Grasmere Primary School in Hackney, London.

By Richard Addis – (Last updated: 16 August 2022)

The Day has been publishing continuously every weekday for over ten years. It is a fast growing, profitable business funded by annual subscriptions and commercial partnerships.

Since its launch in 2011, The Day’s school membership has expanded steadily and now stands at around 1,000 schools, of which over 500 are UK state secondary schools with the rest split between primary, international and UK private schools1

Today, The Day is the most-read news title in the UK among under-19s, with a daily readership of around 378,0002 and over eight million3 unique under-19 readers per month. 

In this age-group, no combined print and digital readership data for an existing UK news publication is higher. The next-largest two UK news providers for under-19s are The Sun (344,000 daily) and The Guardian (212,000 daily).4 

We believe that we provide a pathway from the classroom to the regular consumption of high quality, credible news sources. Every week we recommend over 100 hand-picked further reading links for students.5

We also provide insight into the opinions of teenagers. All our stories are accompanied by live polls on current affairs, giving a fascinating snapshot of the mood among those who will be shaping tomorrow’s world.

Beyond the UK, we now have member schools in over 70 countries, mainly international schools teaching in English. We run the Global Young Journalist Awards, one of the world’s leading international awards, every year, for young journalists. We have many more exciting plans in development. 

From day one, our strategic focus has been clear. We are providing schools with help in teaching critical thinking, real-world knowledge and civic engagement. We have never deviated from this. 

Over the years, our range of resources has steadily expanded from the provision of daily news analysis to include quizzes, polls, videos, cartoons, translations into five languages, infographics, worksheets, set text studies, competitions, events and (coming soon) mental health courses and training. 

Our work with schools has drawn us into creative partnerships with some of the world’s most influential charities and companies including the University of Oxford and The LEGO Group. 

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  5. We publish a minimum of ten news analysis stories a week, each of which will carry an average of ten recommended reading/viewing links to some of the world’s best journalism.