Team up with us to reach young people

Shared values: We are working with organisations like the University of Oxford and the LEGO® Group to create unique learning experiences for young people.

The Day partners with like-minded businesses that want to build authentic and purpose-driven relationships with young people and teachers in the UK and worldwide.

We work for our clients to develop unique branded experiences that are of real educational value for young people, built around an issue, topic or skill that is relevant and important for the partner.

Partners can either join one of our existing programmes (currently Global Young Journalist Awards or News Detectives) or fund a bespoke programme aligned to a topic of their choice and tailored to their key demographic.

Partnership-funded initiatives become free for all schools (not just The Day member schools), promoted via a bespoke marketing campaign managed by The Day.

You can work with us to bring your expert knowledge, imagination and experience of your industry to our projects, in order to reach your future customers or workforce. 


We are also open to advertising partnerships, which are implemented across our daily and monthly newsletter to member teachers, weekly non-member newsletter, homepage notification bar and social media channels. Please contact for more information.

Here are some of the ways we are working with partners:

The LEGO Group

We’ve created Build the Change Tuesdays, with the LEGO Group. This 20-minute dip into sustainability education combines The Day’s expert child-friendly sustainability news with the LEGO Group’s hands-on Build the Change challenges, getting students to come up with creative solutions to the sustainability challenges affecting our planet. 

Build the Change Tuesdays form part of our brand-new News Detectives programme, a daily dive into the most fascinating real world issues to inspire discussions, support literacy and build cultural capital amongst 7-13 year olds. We’re currently taking on new opportunities for educational partners to have their own dedicated day, linked to the topics Careers, Wellness, STEM and Culture. If you would like to be a News Detectives partner, please get in touch with

The University of Oxford

We’re working with the University of Oxford on a major response to the growing youth mental health crisis, BrainWaves.

Via a multi-year school-based initiative, BrainWaves aims to enable young people to learn more about themselves using science-based tools for good mental health and equip teachers with the confidence to promote positive student mental health.

BrainWaves strives for better prevention, education and treatment in adolescent mental health and wellbeing by:

  • Providing free lesson materials for teachers designed to help young people develop their critical thinking skills and provide practical strategies to help them thrive, based on robust evidence and research.
  • Providing free CPD webinars to help teachers understand the science of the teenage brain and learn about practical strategies that can support students with their mental health.
  • Trialling school-based mental health interventions via a number of pilot secondary schools, to enhance the evidence base in adolescent mental health.
  • Giving researchers across the globe free access to vital data assets, enabling new insights into prevention and treatment.

‘We have to start doing something on a completely different scale to address the mental health needs of young people.’

Professor Mina Fazel, Department of Psychiatry

Global Young Journalist Awards

You can become a sponsor for our Global Young Journalist Awards, an established event heading for its third year in February 2024. 

The Global Young Journalist Awards presents an opportunity for a sponsor to:

  • Add their name to a reputable and established youth journalism competition that helps 5-18-year-olds around the world find their voice and develop vital journalism skills.
  • Support social mobility by investing in a free competition open to any format of journalism (no tech required, just internet access!) providing educational resources and role models that are accessible to all schools around the world.
  • Reach a growing audience of thousands of young people and their teachers around the world, nurturing future customers or talent, and providing employee engagement opportunities.

“It was a real pleasure and privilege to judge this year’s Global Young Journalist Awards. The entries were of a fantastically high standard and it was very inspiring to see so many brilliant budding young journalists exposing inequality, digging into important stories and making a passionate case for change. It gives me hope that the world is in very good hands for the future!”

Laura Bates, 2023 judge, writer and feminist activist


Running a competition via The Day is a great way to actively engage our audience with your brand. 

We helped to launch and run the first two years of Celebration Day, a day thanking the people who’ve shaped our lives. We supported this brand-new day of remembrance with a writing competition. The competition won’t be running in 2024. 

For more information on how we work with partners, contact our Partnerships and Audience Director Rachel Watson-Steward via