BrainWaves is a global mental health and wellbeing initiative for young people led by the University of Oxford, in partnership with The Day

The number of students aged 13 – 24 being diagnosed with mental health disorders is surging. BrainWaves is a major response to this crisis, designed to overcome the lack of investment in youth mental health research.

Via a multi-year school-based initiative, BrainWaves aims to enable young people to learn more about themselves using science-based tools for good mental health and equip teachers with the confidence to promote positive student mental health.

BrainWaves strives for better prevention, education and treatment in adolescent mental health and wellbeing by:  

  • Providing free lesson materials for teachers designed to help young people develop their critical thinking skills and provide practical strategies to help them thrive, based on robust evidence and research. 
  • Providing free CPD webinars to help teachers understand the science of the teenage brain and learn about practical strategies that can support students with their mental health.
  • Trialling school-based mental health interventions via a number of pilot secondary schools, to enhance the evidence base in adolescent mental health.
  • Giving researchers across the globe free access to vital data assets, enabling new insights into prevention and treatment.

BrainWaves free mental health resources are now available.

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FREE Webinar Programme

The BrainWaves CPD webinar programme is free for teachers and covers a variety of topics, combining the perspectives of research academics, educational consultants and teachers. Experts explain and discuss the latest scientific research and evidence-based strategies to aid your school-wide approach to teenage mental health

School teachers and senior leadership will be equipped with practical steps to support students in the classroom. 

Previous webinars can be found here!