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News articles

Our two daily topical news stories are available in five different reading levels, all with an in-built debate question. Each reading level includes our Six Steps to Discovery activity framework.

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News Detectives

Bring children up to speed with current affairs and tick off curriculum aims with these 20-minute, daily, preparation-free activity worksheets ideal for ages 8 - 13.

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Weekly themes

The primary and secondary weekly themes help teachers discuss sensitive topics and include ready-made assembly slides, teacher notes, debate questions and classroom activities.


A weekly quiz and caption competition testing students knowledge on our news of the week. Available in primary and secondary versions.

Translated text resources


MFL teachers can improve students’ language skills by engaging in real-world news and vocabulary with our weekly translated articles from native speakers. Available in French, Spanish, German, Arabic and Mandarin.

English set texts

Connect the classics to the modern world. Link core texts (from GCSE and A-level syllabuses and more) to key themes and related real-life news stories.

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Daily posters

A daily A4 infographic that uses graphics and text to explain important news issues. These printable posters can be used across the curriculum.

Videoof the week Climate Change

Videos of the day

The daily video includes two pre-written activities, sparking interesting discussion among students. Great for form time, or embedded into lessons.

Short epics

Created daily by The Day's in-house illustrator, short epics aim to capture the humour from a true story from the news and encourage reluctant readers.

Photo of the week Ice houses

Photo of the week

A quick and easy weekly photo puzzle. Students are challenged to guess the story behind the image, then read about its origin.

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Special reports

General elections, the conflict in Gaza, Covid-19 — some topics are worth exploring in extra depth. Special reports collate resources together in one area so you can examine big issues with ease.


Our accessibility menu provides tools including a screen reader, text size adjustment, dyslexia-friendly fonts and more. The BeeLine Reader tool, available on all articles, uses colour gradients to make reading more accessible.

Free lesson resources from our partners

Screenshot of Build The Change Build for Birds Live lesson

Build the Change

Every Tuesday, The Day and the LEGO® Group bring you a sustainability resource to instantly bring children up to speed on sustainability news, debate the issues, and create innovative hands-on solutions.

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Free lesson materials for teachers designed to help young people develop their critical thinking skills and provide practical strategies to help them thrive, based on robust evidence and research. Produced in partnership with Oxford University.

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Global Young Journalist Awards

This annual contest offers young people worldwide the chance to share their stories and have their work published. Winners receive tech to boost their journalism career, a trophy and a certificate, not to mention feedback from our judges and journalists!