Our impact

There is no other online platform that curates a more suitable news agenda for bright secondary age pupils and the resources are rich and detailed.

Tim Lissimore, Senior Deputy Head, Wilson's School, Wallington

The Day news is an excellent learning tool which we use across subjects to promote oracy, debate and critical thinking.

Aatiqa Khalifa, Librarian, Madani Girls School

The teachers here were amazed that one resource could be adapted so effectively to suit students of all ages.

Shelley Peringuey Deputy Headmistress, Reddam House

We feel that The Day is an extremely valuable resource which promotes critical thinking, developing both cultural and linguistic understanding.

Scott Darnell - Curriculum Coordinator - Elian's British School in Castellón

Reading and developing student understanding and comprehension is a whole-school responsibility; The Day has enabled every teacher and department to get involved.

Jessica Mclean, Director of English, Walton High, Stafford

The Day is an invaluable educational tool for our school, seamlessly integrating into diverse subjects and activities.

Abmi Handayani, Librarian, International School Almere, Netherlands

The Day's user-friendly interface and selection of stories have all contributed to a growing number of pupils and staff accessing the news.

Beren Dain Delbrooke Jones, Librarian, Pipers Corner School

It is packed with wonderful resources and ideas to use in lessons of any subject and especially during form time.

Édgar Márquez, Teacher of MFL, Claremont Fan Court School

We have yet to find anything to rival it for a balanced view of the news.

Julia Nixon, Assistant Librarian, Lancing College

It allows pupils to engage with current affairs and issues in the wider world whilst allowing them to build on any knowledge or viewpoint they have of those topics through the important skill of evaluation.

Alison Mulrooney - Assistant Head, Personal Development, Howard School, Kent

The different reading levels make the content accessible to the whole school which is fantastic.

Lucy Walne, Librarian, Prince William School

We have been utilising The Day as part of key skills during personal development as we believe it is important for students to be aware of current affairs.

Ursula Langley, L4L Teacher/More Able Students Coordinator, West Bromwich Collegiate Academy

The Day has been excellent in terms of providing us with topical discussion points that hook students in that are relevant to the wider world.

Reece Kennedy, Head of Personal Development, Finham Park School

Using 'The Day' in form time has created opportunities for our students to engage in discussion around current affairs, improve their oracy skills and deepen their wider knowledge.

Emily Hazell, Director of Literacy, Shenley Brook End

What The Day provides is an excellent overview and then, crucially, links to really good sources where students can go hunting for supporting evidence and different perspectives.

Russell Gray, English Teacher and Head of House, George Heriot's School