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Financial Journalist of the Year: Winner

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Money Matters: Visualizing Financial Literacy Across Europe

Sena Chang, The American School in Japan,

With millions of citizens still grappling with the financial fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic
to the inflationary spiral that the world is currently in, financial literacy is especially
pertinent. However, there seems to be an abject lack of attention towards this topic from
schools, whether that be due to issues of funding, governance, or logistics. “Money Matters:
Visualizing Financial Literacy Across Europe” was created in order to tell a story about
financial literacy in Europe, and how sharply rates of financial literacy differ along lines of
geography and gender. From my visualization, it is my hope that policymakers, students, and
parents are able to gain new insights into these inequalities in an engaging way and become
more literate on the topic of financial literacy.

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