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GYJA 2023: The shortlist

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Congratulations to all of our age 11 and over entrants who made the shortlist for their categories.

Anti-racism Journalist of the Year

  • “I have a dream”, Sanvi Nangre, Wisdom High International School, India
  • Israel, Vihaan, India
  • Video entry, Isha, India

Financial Journalist of the Year

  • Online shopping: Society’s new favourite pastime, Rayyan, Indonesia
  • Fractional Reserve Banking: The Biggest Scam You’ve Never Heard Of, Jackson Greville, Sotogrande International School, Spain
  • THE GREAT DIVIDE: The Rising Financial Inequality, Nisha, India

Health Journalist of the Year

  • The toxicity in “detoxification”, Tanishka, India
  • HIV Prevention – Graphic, Kayana Trian Zahra, Sekolah Buin Batu, Indonesia
  • Slaying a Monster, Nancy Dominic Rajan, Gems Cambridge International School Abu Dhabi

Media Journalist of the Year

  • The Power of Fiction; How Virtual Influencers Are Changing The Game, Anika Bhupatiraju, Indus International School Hyderabad, India
  • “Eco-art”: Where art and climate science meet, Sena Chang, The American School in Japan
  • TikTok and Snapchat – friend or foe?, Olivia, UK

Gender Journalist of the Year

  • The Barriers of Gender Inequality and Discrimination, Trisha, India
  • The Reality of Gender Inequality & Changing it Using Feminism, Reyani Nikhil Panchal, Wisdom High International School, India 
  • Women empowerment illustration, Sarakshi Pai, Rustomjee Cambridge International School, India

Politics Journalist of the Year

  • Broadmoor: Patients or Prisoners?, Annabelle Coombe, The Brakenhale School, UK
  • Eye spy with China’s little tik tok eye, something beginning with FBI…, Maya Vulpiani, St George’s British International School, Rome, Italy
  • Recent tragedy brings to light a major American problem, Royalty Ngwendson, The Priory Academy LSST

Sports Journalist of the Year

  • “Lionel Messi : The Upcoming Transfer Market Craze”, Eshaan, India
  • Is He Back?, Blair, UK
  • Sailing Access for All, Emilia, UK

Equality Journalist of the Year

  • Modern day equality – a luxury of the privileged, Aaran Thakore, Hampton School, UK
  • Is it my culture? Or just sexism? Harleen Bansal,  St Jonathan North Girls College, UK
  • Homophobia in the Sporting Industry, James, Spain

Science Journalist of the Year

  • The many tails of Spinosaurus and its tooth to the greater meaning of science, Khan, UK
  • Time Travel is Possible, Arjun, India
  • Animal Testing: Have we become the Savages?, Giulia Bei, St George’s British International School, Rome

Climate Journalist of the Year

  • Climate change – it’s a people problem, Aaran Thakore, Hampton School, UK
  • Step Towards Carbon Neutrality: Case study of South Korea, Minwoo Jeong, North London Collegiate School Jeju, South Korea
  • The Devastating Environmental Cost of Mexico’s Luxury Resorts, Peggy Chen, Green Hope High School, NC, USA

Technology Journalist of the Year

  • The VR headset that can kill, Youssef Elzaiat, The Priory Academy LSST, UK
  • To Infinity and Beyond: The Future of Space Mining and the Emergence of a New Global Super Power, Samantha Johnson, Tsosoloso Ya Afrika Secondary School, South Africa
  • Tech hype: Media coverage of technology is going too far, Theo Jarmer, St George’s British International School Rome, Italy

Mental Health Journalist of the Year

  • Likes and Loathing: The Correlation between Social Media and Mental Health, Natalia, Spain
  • Lockdown — A saga of human endeavour, Vaibhav Tejas Shah, Wisdom High International Spain, India
  • Mini Dachshund – Maximum Happiness, Milana Reznikova, Lady Eleanor Holles, UK

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