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Technology Journalist of the Year: Aged 10 and under runner-up

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AI, the future of tomorrow

Abigail Egbo, Teesside High School, UK

2023 is going to be revolutionary for AI’s. AI stands for Artificial Intelligence, AI’s have the ability to display human qualities such as reasoning, learning, planning and creativity. This year, computer scientists hope to improve AI’s computer vision, natural language and robotic process automation. Siri, Alexa, Cortana and Google assistance are all AI’s.

One recent AI is the FoondaMate. You can text this AI through WhatsApp and Facebook messenger, by texting it, the AI will help you on your homework, define words and study. It can even explain maths questions to you, step by step! Customer research shows that students love FoondaMate due to its many qualities: you can get instant study material; it can speak your language; and saves your data! FoondaMate helps students with poor internet access and low quality devices to study.

The creator of this ingenious invention is Dacod Magagula. Dacod Magagula attended an under resourced school in Mbombela. When he was in Grade 7 or 8 he transferred to a school with laptops and internet connection, this uncovered his love for computers. It was then that Magagula was inspired to create an invention that could help underprivileged students. Magagula believes creating FoondaMate is a significant accomplishment.

There are a lot of pros about AI: they help in repetitive jobs; available 24/7; faster decision making. As well as those there are also a lot of cons; they cost a lot to make; may make humans lazy; AI do not have creativity. In conclusion AI has a lot of potential but also must not be used for the wrong reason. Who knows what the future holds for AI?

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