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Mental Health Journalist of the Year: Aged 10 and under runner-up

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How social media affects mental health

Say Hoi Ching, Rachel, Bradbury School, Hong Kong

Have you stared at your phone, wondering why you aren’t perfect?

Social media has caused countless young individuals to become self-conscious and jealous, forming unrealistic goals to look like renowned influencers.

While there may be positive aspects of using social media, the downsides of using social media massively outweigh the positives.

An unrestrained amount of social media can form a detrimental and harmful cycle:

  1. To alleviate boredom when encountering pressure and depression, people tend to use
    social media growingly, presuming it will help mend their symptoms.
  2. Using social media habitually increases FOMO (fear of missing out) and causes
    individuals to feel discontent, despondent and isolated.
  3. Subsequently, these sensations influence your mindset and intensify self-consciousness,
    pressure, and depression.
  4. As the symptoms aggravate, individuals use social media increasingly to escape from
    the real world.

Social media is highly addictive, and you may not recognise when it is deteriorating your mental health. Below are some references that might indicate if social media is degenerating your mental health.

Being diverted when completing everyday duties such as work, school, and chores. You frequently feel the urge to publicise snaps of yourself, scan for comments and likes, and respond to your friend’s posts.

Comparing yourself to others on social media. You might have eating disorders or a poor self-image.

Symptoms of anxiety and depression decline. Rather than feeling satisfaction after using social media, your self-consciousness and depression drop.

Fortunately, there are numerous methods that you can use to avoid social media and ease your symptoms.

Set aside time each week to socialise with your friends and family. Host affairs weekly and immerse in activities with friends and family; this enables you to bond and interact with them.

Distract yourself by participating in clubs and activities. Discover something you are passionate about and meet new individuals that have the same interests as you.

Avoid bringing your digital devices to bed. Switch off all your devices and store them in another room. By doing this, you become less distracted and focused on the real world.

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