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Gender Journalist of the Year: Aged 10 and under runner-up

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Do girls have equality in football?

Nisha, St Hugh’s, UK

Men have been playing football longer than women but that doesn’t mean women shouldn’t have similar facilities, resources and exposure in the game. In men’s football they have undersoil heating but not in women’s football. The women’s Chelsea v Liverpool game was cancelled because of the frozen pitches and they were taken off after six minutes but if it was a men’s match that wouldn’t have happened.

If you were asked to name five male footballers you most likely would do it easily but if you are asked to name five female players you probably wouldn’t do it with ease. Why is this?

Women football games should be on television more so that they become as popular as the 

Male footballers. There are just over 70% of men’s matches in football on television and 29% percent are women’s matches. This might encourage more fans to come and watch the women games.

Is the popularity for women’s football less because of their lack of success? This can’t be the case because the Lionesses recently won the UEFA Women’s Euro 2022 whilst the men haven’t won a trophy since 1966 when they won the FIFA World Cup.

Football should be introduced to girls at an earlier age so it gets more adoration from girls as well as boys.  There are more football clubs for boys than for girls. Why?

England lifting Women’s 2022 UEFA Euro Cup

There have been huge strides made towards greater equality in the game however there is still more room for improvement and I hope that this happens in the future. 

Females have achieved equality in various other sports and domains and I think it is time for football to follow suit. 

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