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The Bloody Chamber

This iconic book of feminist retellings has been praised for its daring prose and macabreGruesome or ghastly. imagery. First published in 1979, the collection of short tales takes classic fairy stories and subverts their gendered tropesRepeated themes, images, metaphors and narratives. For instance, the "damsel in distress" is a trope in fairy tales and romantic novels., featuring female protagonists who often take agency over their own narratives. Including GothicCharacterised by gloom, mystery and horror. reimaginings of childhood staples like Bluebeard, Little Red Riding Hood and Sleeping Beauty, in Carter’s hands these classic stories become powerful tools for exploring power, gender and psychology in the modern age. The Bloody Chamber turned Angela Carter from an obscure — if prolificProducing a large amount of something. — writer into a household name, shocking and impressing contemporary readers in equal measure.

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