March 2024

Crafting Winning Entries: A Guide to entering the Global Young Journalist Awards

The Global Young Journalist Awards

If you have aspiring journalists in your classroom, you might be interested in the 2024 Global Young Journalist Awards!

This competition offers an excellent opportunity for students to develop their storytelling, research, and communication abilities, whether it be through a written piece, video, or photography.

We also have a diverse range of entry categories available. Allowing students to choose a topic they are passionate about will make the entire process more enjoyable and also produce a more engaging and authentic piece!

We have a range of categories available, including:

  • Mental Health
  • Technology
  • Climate
  • Science
  • Equality
  • Sports
  • Politics
  • Media
  • Health

If you’re interested in getting your students involved, there are a few things you can do to help them prepare their entry:

  1. Stay informed: Encourage your students to keep up with the latest news and trends in their chosen topic. They can sign up for newsletters or read reputable publications to stay up-to-date and gain new perspectives. Every Tuesday, The Day and the LEGO Group provide a news-led sustainability resource for students aged 7-14 years old, to be worked on as part of their school lessons. Schools can also sign up to receive the free Build The Change Tuesday resource by visiting
  2. Develop their storytelling skills: A good story has a beginning, middle, and end, and draws the reader in with a compelling journey. Ask your students to practice creating their stories in different styles and experiment with different formats to find what works best for them.
  3. Research thoroughly: Make sure your students fact-check and verify all information in their piece. Support them in finding credible sources and show them how to cite them properly to support their argument.
  4. Edit and revise: Before submitting their piece, encourage your students to review their work. They can seek feedback from others so they can understand how an audience reacts to their story.
  5. Practice their craft: Regularly practising their craft and seeking feedback from friends, family, and teachers will help students hone their skills and produce high-quality work.
  6. Be creative: Journalism is more than just reporting the facts! Encourage your students to try new things and experiment with different styles and formats as this competition offers a unique opportunity for them to use their creativity to tell a story in a unique and engaging way.

Remember, participating in a journalism competition is not just about winning, but also about learning and instilling confidence in the next generation of reporters!

Encourage your students to take risks and push themselves outside of their comfort zone. If you have students who are passionate about storytelling, communication, and research, we would love to see them enter the 2024 Global Young Journalist Awards competition!