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Fresher air with no cars!

Naomi Hanbury, Betty Layward Primary School, UK

Our local Hackney council have currently decided to close most of the roads to stop cars from polluting the earth. Some people think it is annoying because they can’t get to places quicker. Some other people think it is worth it because it is better for the environment.

I agree that we should have the roads closed just for nature. So now we have fresher air and the planet is not polluted. Did you know we had 19 low traffic neighbourhoods since 2020 in Hackney. In September 2021 they started a trial in Stoke Newington. It makes people more likely to scoot, cycle, walk and use public transport. Cycling is up by 38% and walking by 16%.

Between 7am and 7pm it happens on Church street. Half the total area in Hackney it is in, that’s more than any London borough.

I have asked people what their opinion is: Pawel the windor fitter says it’s not very nice because he spends all of his free time driving.

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