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Age 8 – 10: Winner

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Who Inspired My Granny

Ara, Cluny Primary

Winner of the 8 – 10 age category, Celebration Day writing competition 2022

Margaret Read was my great granny and she was from Blackburn in Lancashire. Margaret had a kind face, white curly hair and glasses. And if my granny was to describe her with 3 adjectives granny would say she was kind, giving and she was loving.

When Margaret was a little girl, she had lots of brothers and sisters. When they all sat at the table, they had a bench to sit on and one side had no leg supporting it. So when four of them stood up the one at the end fell off because it tipped over the edge. They thought it was hilarious.

When it was the weekend, they sometimes went to Blackpool to the seaside. Granny would make sandcastles, paddle in the sea and ride the donkeys.

One year Margaret took my granny to the Isle of Man, and she enjoyed it very much. They went on a boat trip when they were there too. They were very lucky to get a plane to fly there.

When Margaret was in high school, she passed all her exams (she was very clever) she wanted to go to university, but her parents were too poor to buy a uniform for her. Margaret was quite sad at this, so she went to work at the cotton mill (she was a weaver)

That is why she passed all her knowledge to my granny.  She learned to knit, sew, have manners, cook and bake from Margaret.  We thank her for the way she shaped our lives and granny’s.  We thank her for everything that she did in her life.


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