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Age 5 – 7: winner

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Flying Earhart

Tom, Rokeby School

Winner of the 5 – 7 age category, Celebration Day writing competition 2023

I was inspired to write about courageous Amelia Earhart because of the school reading book that I enjoyed.

Amelia Earhart lived one hundred years ago when women were not flying planes or doing anything dangerous. She was a fearless and adventurous explorer who always persevered and stayed calm. She was the first woman to fly over the Atlantic Ocean. Often she crashed, once in a cabbage field! But she kept trying exactly like me. When she learnt how to fly she bought charming yellow plane called “The Canopy”. Sadly, she disappeared over the Pacific Ocean on her final adventure. She was never seen again.

Her story was lovely and exciting. I want to be as brave and amazing as she was. Now I want to become a brave pilot like she was. I would call my plane “Fearless Rocket” and love it.

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