22 March 2022

Take part in important mental health research

Update: Your response to this has been fantastic, thank you, and our initial recruitment is now complete. We’ll post more news on this project here soon!

Invite your Y12s to participate and get a voucher for you and your students

Virtually every week now we see further evidence of the mental health challenges faced by both schools and young people. Last month a BBC report estimated there had been an increase of 77% in the number of children needing specialist treatment. And we know that the 409,347 children referred to the NHS between April and October last year is just the tip of the iceberg of underlying anxiety and poor wellbeing.

At The Day we are only too aware of how events in the world can also affect young people’s mental health. Along with the University of Oxford, we have started work on developing some specialist resources to help schools talk through these issues and also to support young people in developing positive habits of wellbeing. In the future, we also have plans for schools to participate in an exciting research project to help advance the scientific understanding of teenage mental health and wellbeing. There will be more on this at our official launch later in the year.

Right now, we need your help. We would like to be able to talk to some groups of Year 12 students, as well as teachers and pastoral care teams working in KS5, to help us get these resources right. Would you be willing to take part, or to host a group in your school, over the next few weeks? We will be offering £10 vouchers at a well-known online store for student participants and £20 for teachers.

Please email tracey@theday.co.uk to express your interest.