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Spotlight: Africa

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No one word or one story can describe Africa. It covers 20% of the Earth's land and is home to almost 20% of its people. Across the continent there are 54 different countries, more than 1,000 different languages and countless different stories. Egypt, an Arab republic in the far north-east, is more than 6,000 kilometres away from South Africa on its southernmost point. The continent is home to Muslims, Christians and followers of traditional religions. Every human being alive today can trace their history to Africa. In the millennia since, the continent has seen both great civilisations and also colonisation. Today, it faces struggles — from hunger to insurgency groups. But there are also huge opportunities too — it has one of the fastest urban growth rates in the world. There is no doubt: the Africa of 2050 or 2100 will be very different to the Africa of today. But just how the transformation will unfold, time is still yet to tell.

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