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The Day is an online daily newspaper for young people. We publish analysis of the news that provides context for debates that explore the deeper currents shaping our world. All resources are created by our own team of journalists to help schools teach critical thinking, real-world knowledge and civic engagement. They are available in five different reading levels for children between the ages of 5 and 18.

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For your students

1. Develop the confidence to ask questions & express your opinions.

2. Build knowledge and vocabulary to back up your views.

3. Feel empowered to influence change.

For your school

1. Boost literacy & oracy skills across every year group.

2. Link current affairs to the curriculum.

3. Make the news accessible for all with five reading levels.

For you

1. Feel confident managing class debates.

2. Save time with pre-made resources.

3. Engage your most reluctant students with high-interest topics.

  • Why do I need The Day when there are other ways to access the news?

    Everything on the website is designed to support teachers. We take planning out of the equation so teachers feel confident covering the latest news issues. Unlike other news providers, our stories are written specifically for schools and are tied to the UK, US and IB curriculum where possible. We have an editorial process that ensures all our stories and activities use well-researched facts and present balanced arguments. We are scrupulous in avoiding bias.

    We know young people are increasingly concerned and exposed to challenging or fake news stories. That is why we provide quality resources which support teachers or parents wanting to discuss these issues with young people. The Day stories explain complex issues in a way that does not patronise. We provide the background context any young person would need to gain a better understanding of a story. We then support teachers with activities and discussion-based questions to help students form their own opinions.

  • Who writes the articles?

    A team of full-time staff journalists. Each day begins with a conference about the leading stories in the news and every story is written and researched from scratch. We always have teachers and students in mind.

  • Who is The Day suitable for?

    All content is designed to be adaptable to suit your students’ needs. Our content works particularly well with students aged 5-18.

    Some stories cover more complex or challenging issues than others, but we always provide activities that will work for a range of ages or abilities.

  • How can I use The Day in my school?

    We have posters and resources to support you in bringing The Day into your school community and our education team are on hand to answer any questions you may have.

    Book a virtual tour with The Day team online here, email enquiries@theday.co.uk or call 0203 981 8080.

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