17th May 2023

Five reasons to become a BrainWaves Research School

Be a part of the change

Oxford University, Swansea University, and The Day have teamed up to create BrainWaves.

An innovative and groundbreaking new partnership that seeks to improve adolescent mental health and wellbeing outcomes through research, education, and data collection.

Now, you are invited to be a part of this exciting project by becoming a Research School! But what does becoming a Research School mean? BrainWaves School Liaison Manager, Naomi French, explains the unique benefits…

1. As part of the BrainWaves programme, your school will receive Oxford University accreditation which can be used on all school promotional materials and includes a wall-mounted certificate. Pupils and teachers will also receive Oxford University and BrainWaves Research Participant accreditation for taking part in the research.


2. You will gain access to complete and comprehensive lesson materials that have been developed in partnership with experts, researchers, and educators, and approved by Oxford University. Additionally, you’ll receive an exclusive bonus lesson that highlights the significance and value of research.


3. Recognising the significance of mental health for educators, we know that understanding your year groups’ overall mental health is really important.  As part of our research, schools will receive an annual report on their cohort’s mental health trends, which is based on data collected from student questionnaires. In addition, one staff member will also have the opportunity to become a ‘Designated BrainWaves Lead’ for their school, with access to further training and accreditation to better support student mental health. 


4. As a Research School, both teachers and students will have the exciting opportunity to shape the landscape of adolescent mental health. Instead of just being passive recipients of wellbeing resources, students will actively be involved in contributing to the development of BrainWaves lessons and interventions. Students have the chance for their voices to be heard and to be part of the change.


5. Through lesson observations, personalised training, webinars, newsletters, and an invitation to the BrainWaves annual conference, Research Schools have the opportunity to offer free staff development in the area of mental health and wellbeing.

Teachers can also participate in a half-termly wellbeing prize draw to enhance their own mental health and wellbeing. Your personal School Research Liaison Manager will be available to assist you throughout your involvement and answer any questions you may have.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to be a part of an innovative, and free, worldwide project that will impact the future of adolescent mental health and wellbeing!

If you are interested in becoming a research school, please email support@brainwaves.co.uk or visit the BrainWaves education website for further information.

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