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Equality Journalist of the Year Aged 7-13: Winner

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Girls at school in Pabna

Ayaan, King’s College School, Wimbledon, UK

Hello, my name is Ayaan, and I am from King’s College School Wimbledon, London. Throughout my limited years on Earth, I have been very fortunate to meet people from different parts of the world and observe the way the live.

In the past 3 years I had the opportunity to make short visits to my grandfather’s ancestral village in Pabna, Bangladesh. On each trip I learnt more about a school for girls in this village. This year, I visited the school again and interviewed some of the students to learn about their lives at school and at home and asked them what they liked about their school and how it could be made better. Each girl had her own dreams about how education could vastly improve their life. They were often the first females in their family to go to school, and they fiercely wanted to take advantage of this amazing opportunity to improve their life and the life of their family and community.

Below is a short video to show how a pioneering school for girls is promoting equality and
changing the lives of young girls in Pabna.

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