• Reading Levels 3 - 5

The Canterbury Tales

A mediaeval pilgrimage provides the stage for a range of stories: there are the romances of the nobility, the bawdyHumorously indecent; jokes that deal with rude or risqué topics. jokes and humorous characters and the some animal fables thrown in on the side. This work, by the father of English literature Geoffrey Chaucer, is a portrait of English society in the wake of the Black DeathA bacterial infection that killed as much as 60% of the population of Europe and 33% of the Middle Eastern population. and the Peasants' RevoltA major 1381 uprising across large areas of England, caused by economic discontent and the introduction of the poll tax.. The Canterbury Tales has also been credited with popularising the English vernacularA native language of a particular group of people, often unwritten or unstandardised. as a literary language over the more traditional French, Italian and Latin.

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