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“Last night, I dreamt I went to Manderley again,” sings this novel’s lyrical first line. It sets the tone for an extraordinary tale, overlaid with sinister GothicCharacterised by gloom, mystery and horror. elements. Rebecca, published in 1938, narrates the story of a young narrator who impetuouslySuddenly or impulsively, without considering the consequences. marries a widower two decades her senior. Whisked off to the beautiful but disquietingCausing feelings of worry. estate Manderly, she becomes aware that she is living in the shadow of the former lady of the house, who passed away hardly a year before she arrived. Facing off against the lurking Mrs Danvers, who is passionately committed to preserving Rebecca’s memory and sees the unnamed narrator as an interloperSomeone who becomes involved in something without being wanted or asked to. , and against a society still in mourning for her seemingly perfect forerunner, the new Mrs de Winter finds herself embroiledInvolved in a difficult or complicated situation. in an intricate web of lies, betrayals and deceits.

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