22nd May 2024

Citizenship Education

Equipping Our Students for the Future of Democracy

Democracy thrives on informed citizens. With billions across the globe casting votes in 2024, the role of Citizenship education has never been more crucial. But the landscape is rapidly changing. Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming everything from transportation to newsfeeds. This begs the question: how can we prepare our students to navigate this new digital world and become responsible, engaged citizens in the age of AI?

ACT’s 2024 Teaching Citizenship Conference: Developing the Digital Citizen; AI, Rights & Democracy, tackles this head-on. The event, taking place on June 26th in London, brings together passionate educators and stakeholders to explore the intersection of AI, rights, and democracy in Citizenship education. 

A Learning Journey for Every Educator

ACT’s Teaching Citizenship Conference is an opportunity to learn, network and share best practice with fellow teachers. It’s a collaborative journey designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools to empower your students. Whether you’re new to Citizenship education or a seasoned veteran, there’s something for everyone. Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect:

Interactive Workshops: Explore AI’s impact on Citizenship education. Explore topics like identifying bias in algorithms, fostering critical thinking in the information age, and harnessing technology for
active citizenship projects.
Transforming Your Classroom: Discover innovative ways to integrate AI tools into your curriculum, sparking curiosity and igniting meaningful discussions. Learn how to connect Citizenship education with current events, like the Education Secretary’s focus on technology at Bett 2024.
● Empowering Yourself and Your Students: Gain practical strategies for managing workload, navigating the legal landscape of AI use, and equipping your students with essential digital literacy skills

Beyond the Conference: A Lasting Impact

Leave the conference feeling inspired and equipped. You’ll walk away with:
A Deeper Understanding: Gain a comprehensive grasp of AI’s influence on Citizenship education.
Actionable Strategies: Discover ready-to-use resources and techniques to integrate AI and technology into your classroom.
Confidence and Clarity: Feel empowered to navigate the evolving role of technology in democracy.
A Supportive Network: Connect with a community of passionate educators and gain access to ongoing resources to support your journey.

Who Should Attend?

This conference is designed for everyone with a commitment to fostering responsible citizenship:
New and Established Citizenship Teachers: Gain essential knowledge and practical tools to enrich your teaching.
● Subject Leaders and Curriculum Developers: Discover innovative approaches to integrate AI and Citizenship education.
Educators and Stakeholders: Deepen your understanding of how technology impacts the future of

Join us on June 26th and co-create the future of Citizenship education! Let’s work together to ensure our students are equipped with the critical thinking skills and digital literacy needed to be informed, responsible, and engaged citizens in a rapidly changing world. Register today and secure your spot at this essential event!

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