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Celebration Day writing competition

The 2023 Celebration Day Writing Competition has now closed! 

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The Day supported Celebration Day with a writing competition for the second year in a row, this time with a focus on the theme of courage. Young people (and their teachers!) were challenged to retell stories of courage displayed by people from the past and learn from their experiences. What can we learn from their story? 

Children’s author Emma Chichester Clark judged the entries, and said, “Some of the entries I read, I will never forget. I wish there could have been more winners. This is a real celebration of writing and of people who deserve recognition for extraordinary courage. How brilliant to have a special day to celebrate and shine a light on these heroes, as well as on new exciting talented writers”.

Entrants used their own research or interviewed older family or friends to find inspiring people from the past who showed courage in overcoming hardship or speaking up for what they believed in. 

They retold their stories in written articles, sharing what our generation can learn from their remarkable stories. Students aged between 5 and 18 entered, with a separate category for teachers. They could enter with a 250-word article for primary students or a 500-word article for secondary students.

What can you win?

What is Celebration Day? 

Celebration Day is a day of remembrance, that encourages us to pause, remember and celebrate the lives of people who are no longer with us. 

How you celebrate is up to you – you might decide to go on a walk somewhere that reminds you of your loved one, call a family member or friend, bake their favourite cake or listen to a record that reminds you of that person.

Celebration Day is the perfect way to connect young people with the older generation, which is especially needed after the coronavirus lockdowns. The Day’s Celebration Day competition is a great way to get students from 5 to 18 involved in this day of celebration, as well as their teachers. 

The idea was curated by a group of friends who founded the day of Celebration, aiming to keep the connections to their loved ones who have died. 

When is Celebration Day 2023? 

This year Celebration Day takes place on Sunday 28th May 2023.

The deadline for the Celebration Day writing competition will be before Celebration Day, so students and teachers can use this writing project as a great way to kick off their Celebration Day and to get children talking with their families, friends and loved ones about the people who have shaped their lives that they would like to remember. 

How can I celebrate Celebration Day? 

People are invited to mark Celebration Day how they please, so whether it’s a private celebration or something you do with family and friends, people can take part in Celebration Day however best reflects a celebration of the person they want to remember on this day. 

A big thank you to Twinkl who have featured our Celebration Day competition on their blog Reading For Kids


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We've launched a competition to help teachers and their students get involved in the first ever Celebration Day.

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