September 2023

5 Reasons to attend our Wild Cities LIVE Lesson

Build the Change Tuesdays: Wild Cities Live Lesson!

Attention all teachers! Are you looking for an exciting and engaging learning experience for your students?

Then look no further! We are thrilled to invite you and your class to join us for a FREE Build the Change Tuesday: Wild Cities LIVE Lesson on Tuesday, October 3rd, from 2 pm – 3 pm (BST).

This event is not to be missed! In celebration of Urban October, World Habitat Day, and World Animal Day, we are bringing you an exclusive lesson that will inspire and educate your 7-13-year-old pupils.

News Detectives: Build the Change Tuesdays is a completely FREE sustainability resource for busy teachers who are looking for quick, preparation-free activities for their 7-13-year-old students. Created by The Day in partnership with the LEGO Group®, this weekly worksheet brings sustainability news to your classroom in a fun and engaging way!

Here are five reasons why you won’t want to miss our Wild Cities live session:

  1. Expert Guest Speakers – Conservationist and sustainability expert David Pallash from LEGO Group® will share his knowledge on how ecologists, architects, and urban planners are working together to design cities that prioritise people and nature. We will also be joined by Dr. Ollie Jones, Head of Sustainability North East at Cundall, who has a PhD in human experience and environmental psychology, Olli has extensive experience in sustainability in the built environment! That’s not all, we will also be speaking with Fiona McGain, an Outdoor Learning Officer at The Wildlife Trust and is now based at Camley Street Natural Park.
  2. Fun and interactive – Your pupils will have the opportunity to play games, interact with professionals in green careers, and explore cities from all over the world. But wait, there’s more! We’ll also be LIVE from the Wildlife Trust’s Camley Street Natural Park. This urban nature reserve is situated in St Pancras, right in the heart of central London. The park is a wonderful example of how green spaces can be seamlessly integrated with buildings, and how wildlife can thrive in even the busiest of cities. We can’t wait to show you around!
  3. Cross-curricular learning – This lesson is perfect for various subjects such as Geography, Art, Design, Careers, Science, English/Literacy, or PSHE. Your pupils will explore the wonders of urban biodiversity and gain insight into the future of our cities.
  4. Enter our design competition to win exciting prizes for your school – Your pupils will receive exclusive advice on our city building design competition, to be announced during the lesson! They will also have the chance to participate in a creative challenge to design a building that supports local nature.
  5. Free of charge – This event is completely free and accessible to all teachers and their classes. All you need is access to Zoom, pens and paper for the live lesson, and bits of recycling or LEGO® bricks to prepare for the design competition.

So, what do you need to participate in this incredible event?

  • Access to Zoom
  • Pens and paper for the live lesson
  • Bits of recycling or LEGO® bricks to prepare for our design competition.


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Join us for a thrilling adventure that will benefit both teachers and students alike!