King Arthur’s castle could fall into sea

Could humans live underwater? Tintagel Castle, the mythological home of the legendary king, risks being lost forever as rising seas attack the Cornish coast.

The wind is howling. Huge waves are crashing against the rocky Cornish cliff. A fierce storm is approaching.

Suddenly, a bolt of lightning lights up the night sky, revealing the crumbling ruins of an ancient castle sitting on the cliff top.

This is Tintagel Castle, built in the 1200s and inspired by legends of King Arthur, who was said to have been born there in the 5th Century.

But now, scientists warn that the castle could be lost forever. They say climate change is to blame: rising sea levels are causing the land to crumble into the sea.

Some predict that rising sea levels could one day destroy millions of homes across the world.

Scientists are desperately looking for a solution. Some think the answer could be living under the sea.

In London, Philip Pauley has designed the Sub-Biosphere 2, circular structures that could be sunk to create homes for 100 people.

And in Japan, one company has made plans for a deep-sea city called Ocean Spiral. By 2030, 5,000 people could be living underwater in the new £23bn town.