The electrified road that can charge up cars.

Can we stop using fossil fuels for good? A new plan to build charging technology into Sweden’s roads could make gas-guzzling trucks a thing of the past.

If you have ever forgotten to charge your phone, you might worry about your electric car running out of battery.

But Sweden has the answer to that. Roads that charge your car while you drive!

The Swedes are planning to build a new motorway with the ability to charge up batteries. This is especially good news for vehicles carrying heavy goods, like lorries.

At the moment the batteries needed to power an electric lorry are huge. Being able to charge as you drive would mean you could have a smaller, cheaper battery.

About 30% of road transport emissions are from trucks, and so this could be crucial to the fight against climate change. The electro-motorway would likely work through induction, where the charge is transmitted wirelessly to a coil in the car.

In 2020, the Swedish transport authority built a wireless electric road for buses and trucks on the island of Visby.

It is not just trucks that would benefit, however. Electric roads could help make ordinary car batteries 70% smaller.

Lithium, which is used to make batteries, is rare and expensive, so smaller batteries mean cheaper cars.

The European Union hopes to phase out all fossil fuel-powered cars by 2035, and Sweden wants to lead the charge.