The house where the central heating is YOU

Half of the world’s energy is used to heat buildings. Now, scientists have found a way to build houses that are warmed by the people who live inside them.

Imagine the scene. It is raining outside. Your shoes are soaked! All you want to do is go inside and sit next to the warm radiator. But you can’t – because your home has no heating at all!

This might not be a crazy idea. Designers have found ways to build houses that do not need heating. They are called passive houses. A passive house has something called super-insulation. There are no spots where cold air can get out. Normal homes have cracks in windows. Doors might have a draught.

Passive houses are sealed tight. The rooms heat up from the warmth of our bodies. Heating buildings uses lots of energy. Now, some say all houses should be made into passive houses.