The gentle giants quietly saving  our planet 

An unusually large collection of humpback whales has been spotted feeding off the coast of  Australia. They could be key to fighting the climate crisis. 

It is one of the greatest wonders of nature.  There are over one hundred humpback whales. And they caught it on film for only the second time ever. And they are at the surface  of the water,  eating. 

This huge  group is called  a megapod.  Scientists saw  one off the  Australian coast.  They caught it on film for only the second time ever. Just 60 years ago, humpback whales were nearly extinct. Humans used to hunt whales. The meat was a popular dish and the blubber was used for soap.

If whales are returning, returning, it could be a good sign for the climate. Whales help to provide food for up to 200 ocean
species. Plus, they store up to 33 tonnes of carbon in their bodies. The more whales there are, the less harmful CO2 there is in our air.