‘Smart computer that could save our forests’

Is technology our best hope? A team of university professors have developed a piece of machinery that might protect the future of
our forests.

You are standing in the middle of a barren forest. The remains of destroyed trees are lying on the floor. This once rich ecosystem is now a bed of branches.

It is not easy monitoring the life of a forest. Many are huge, with millions of trees. Few people — or computer programs — could cope. It would take a huge amount of energy to watch every tree. But now a team from the University of Maine in the
USA has developed a new way of using AI to protect soil moisture. It saves energy and it is cheap.

Soil moisture is important in forested areas. Trees cannot grow without it. Maine has been hit by severe droughts over the past summers. Technology used in the past was too expensive to use. It was even banned for researchers.

Now, experts have taught their program how to be smart and use less energy to monitor the soil. Scientists hope this invention will reduce the costs and help to save the forests.

our forests.