‘Woolly bulldozers’ roam England once more

Can bringing back wild animals save the planet? Bison are roaming Britain for the first time in more than 1,000 years as part of a plan to save woodland

The three bison stepped slowly out into their new woodland home. They had no idea they were part of a big experiment to save the forest.

Wild bison died out in Europe a century ago. They have not roamed Britain for thousands of years.

But this summer, three bison were released into woodland in Kent, England. Wildlife experts are hugely excited. They think the bison could help to get rid of the tall pine trees blocking out the sunlight.

Bison make pathways through trees, spread seeds and create patches of clear earth by taking dust baths. This helps plants, birds, insects, bats and lizards survive.

Soon, the bison will be joined by ponies and pigs. Scientists hope the can help keep the land under control without any help from humans.

But others say bringing back wild animals is not enough to save the Earth. Instead, humans must stop burning fossil fuels and harming the planet. We must change how we live
our lives now, before it is too late.