World Book Day

This Thursday (March 5), thousands of children will dispense with their normal school uniforms to transform themselves into Harry Potters, Red Riding Hoods, Gruffalos, Paddingtons and countless more literary legends as part of a worldwide celebration of books.

World Book Day is celebrated globally by over 100 countries. It is a celebration of authors, illustrators and books — but most of all it is a celebration of reading itself!

Books have come a long way since the first story was written 4,000 years ago. (Historians believe that this was The Epic of Gilgamesh, an epic poem about a Sumerian king who battled and befriended the gods of ancient Mesopotamia.)

Today we can buy books at the touch of a button using e-readers; listen to audiobooks on our phones; or explore old stories in new graphic novels.

However, with distractions such as Netflix and social media all around us, it’s easy to forget the comfort of sitting down with a real page-turner. World Book Day is the perfect opportunity to discover (or rediscover!) the joys of reading.

What is your favourite book? Is reading still the best way of getting lost in a story? And, most important of all, will you be dressing up on Thursday?

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Listen to Jack Kerouac read from his iconic novel On The Road in 1959. How can books change our perspective on the world?


  1. As a class, hold a competition to decide the greatest book character of all time. Take it in turns to nominate characters, and then pair them off against each other, voting until you have a clear winner.
  2. Write a review of your favourite book. Be sure to include what the story is about, and why you enjoyed it.
  3. Have a go at writing the first chapter of your own book! Before you start, answer the following question: What genre is the book? Where and when is it set? Who is the main character? What do they want? How are they going to get it?