“The environment is everything that isn’t me,” Albert Einstein once said. The air, the sea, the wildlife, the forests, fields, and cities – everything must share the same planet.

This Friday, 5 June is World Environment Day, an annual event which encourages everyone to do something to protect that planet.

There is plenty to do. Wildlife numbers have more than halved since 1970. In the same time, 270,000 square miles of the Amazon rainforest has disappeared; up to nine million tonnes of plastic have poured into the oceans, and the human population has doubled. Although air pollution has decreased, the World Health Organisation still lists it as the greatest environmental threat to human life.

Luckily, there are simple things you can do to help. For example:

1. Consume less. This means reducing plastic use, reusing things, or buying them second-hand.

2. Conserve more. Save electricity by switching off lights and appliances. Save water by keeping showers short and not letting taps run.

3. Make your voice heard. If you care about the environment, demand action from politicians by writing to your local MP or attending protests.

Do you have any more tips on how to save the environment?

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Stephen Fry and David Attenborough star in a fake “trailer” for The Wind in the Willows, which shows the damage being done to the UK’s idyllic environments. Will this encourage people to take action?


  1. As a household, think of as many ways that you can help the environment.
  2. Choose one of the ideas and make a poster or video encouraging young people to take part.
  3. Pick an environmental issue that you care about. Research more about why it happens, and its effects. Produce a report which ends with a recommendation about how people can help.