Women’s history

“Women and girls can do anything. And all of us, everywhere, should have the chance to prove that.” — Melinda Gates

This Friday is the beginning of Women’s History Month. It is the perfect time to learn more about the achievements of women in history and contemporary society, from Emily Brontë to the suffragettes, Beyoncé to Hillary Clinton. It’s also a chance to discover less well-known stories, like those of Clare Hollingworth, Ada Lovelace or the women of the First World War.

The month corresponds with International Women’s Day, which will be celebrated around the world next Friday (March 8). The day is marked by global conferences, exhibitions, festivals, concerts and much more.

But it is not just a celebration. Women may now be able to vote in every democracy in the world — but according to the World Health Organisation, one in three women worldwide have experienced physical or sexual violence. Movements like #MeToo have helped to highlight the violence and sexism that many women still face, at every level of society.

Which women in history have inspired you? Which women inspire you today? And how will you be celebrating International Women’s Day next week?

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  1. List 10 women from history who you think should be celebrated this International Women’s Day.
  2. Write an article, in the style of The Day, about a woman who you think deserves more recognition.
  3. As a class, plan an event to celebrate International Women’s Day at your school next week.