Red Nose Day

Who’s up for a laugh? Comic Relief is back on Friday! And in 2017 it’s hoping to raise more money than ever for charities around the world. Whether your school decides to put on a comedy show, bake sale or non-uniform day (or all three!) there are loads of resources and fundraising ideas on the Red Nose Day website.

Since last Red Nose Day, the money raised in Britain has helped to give 860,000 vaccines to children who need them. It has supported 43,000 children with mental health problems in the UK. And it has helped 310,000 children and their families to escape abuse and exploitation.

Comic Relief also pledged £1m to support West African countries during the Ebola crisis in 2014. You can read more about how the disease was eventually wiped out in the story below. Or why not use this chance to learn about the long history of mixing comedy with politics?

However you decide to celebrate, remember: when the chicken crosses the road, it’s trying to get to the other side.

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Download a ready-made assembly powerpoint for Red Nose Day 2017.


  1. Everybody write a joke. Take it in turns to share your jokes with the class.
  2. Watch this film of a conversation between two schoolgirls on different continents. What questions would you have for Ikmatu in Sierra Leone?
  3. As a class, organise a fundraising event to hold on Friday for Red Nose Day.