National Vegetarian Week

Would you be happy to give up meat for seven days in a row? National Vegetarian Week wants to inspire you to do just that. It is organised by the Vegetarian Society and runs from May 15th to 21st. Its main aim is to encourage meat-eaters to discover the huge variety of vegetarian food available.

There are several different degrees of vegetarianism. Some vegetarians allow themselves to eat fish (and are strictly speaking pescatarian rather than vegetarian), while at the other end of the spectrum are vegans. As well as not eating meat, vegans do not eat any kind of animal product. This includes all dairy products, as well as eggs.

There are many different reasons why people might choose to be vegetarian: some eschew meat in order to stay healthy, while others have moral objections to eating other animals. And some religions, for example Hinduism and Jainism, prohibit the consumption of meat.

Vegetarianism has a long history. It was recorded in the fifth century BC: Pythagoras, famous for his maths, abstained from meat as part of his philosophy. It is gaining popularity in Britain, and there are estimated to be around 3m vegetarians in the UK. Would you consider joining them?

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TrueTube has written an assembly which busts some of the myths about vegetarianism, including a short video.


  1. List the pros and cons of being vegetarian, and share your ideas with a partner.
  2. Write a recipe for a two-course vegetarian meal.
  3. Try being a vegetarian for one week. Write a day-by-day diary of your experience. Did you feel better or worse, and could you do it again — or even permanently — in the future?