My Money Week

My Money Week aims to provide primary and secondary school students with an opportunity to gain the skills, knowledge and confidence they will need to understand their own finances.

In 2015, a survey revealed that almost one in three children between the ages of eight and fifteen had worried about money. Our archive explores the reasons behind such concerns and tells the story of a teenager who sold a startup app for £18m. The BBC’s Newsbeat also analyses the growing trend among teenagers to study rather than taking Saturday jobs.

This year My Money Week is focusing on ‘money in the news’. Lots of our archive stories explore this issue. In the last year, we have written about the fall in the pound after the EU referendum, tipping service staff, and the potential future of a cashless society.

For more resources this week, you can register with My Money Week and enter its national competition for schools. For further reading and reflections on financial education, the PFEG Blog is worth a look. You can also find out more about the history and funding behind the event.

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There are some good ideas for an assembly (and other whole school events) in this My Money Week resource pack.


  1. Create a poster which offers tips on saving and managing money.
  2. Write a newspaper article about an issue involving money.
  3. In the UK, under-18s can earn a minimum of £4.05 an hour, and work a maximum of 40 hours per week. Calculate how much money this would give you and create a weekly budget.