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The woman who owns every dolphin in Britain

Do you know the REAL Queen? You might think so… but our celebratory list of everything you didn’t know about our longest-serving monarch might force you to think again. What's happening?  This week, celebrations take place around the country. Millions of people will mark the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.  Queen Elizabeth has been on the throne longer than almost any other monarch in history. People around the world recognise her. But there are lots of things few people know. Here is The Day's list of favourites.  Find out more 1. Game of thrones The Queen has nine royal thrones – six at Buckingham Palace, two at Westminster Abbey and one at the House of Lords. She also has two birthdays, one in April and one in June. 2. Pigeon fancier The Queen is famous for loving dogs and horses. But few people know she keeps racing pigeons4. Dolphin lover According to a rule from 1324, the Queen owns all the dolphins and whales in British waters.  5. Sole survivor A woman with the same sized feet as the Queen is employed to wear in her new shoes before she wears them in public.   10 Sewing bee The Queen has a cushion in her sitting-room at Balmoral inscribed with the words “It’s good to be Queen”. Do you know the REAL Queen? Some say Cameras follow her everywhere. She has met many thousands of people. We have all seen her on TV. Of course, we know her! Others think The people close to the Queen are chosen for their loyalty and discretion. There is no way that anybody else can really know what goes on behind the palace walls – or in her mind!    KeywordsPlatinum Jubilee - Major anniversaries of coronations and other public events are called jubilees, and named after materials of increasing value. Fifty years, for instance, is a golden jubilee.

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