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The rock from the birth of the Solar System

Visitante ruidoso: el meteorito produjo un estampido sónico en el sur de Inglaterra. ©Darryl Pitt

Can we learn all about the universe without leaving Earth? A meteorite that landed on Earth last year has sold in an auction. It is now worth more than gold.  What's happening? It was a quiet night. The people of Winchcombe were enjoying their evenings in. But outside, something was happening that would change their lives. A meteoriteA small piece of rock that has broken off an asteroid is known as a meteoroid. If it enters the Earth's atmosphere, most of it will burn up; the rock that remains is a meteorite. was landing in their town. Find out more One year on, the space rock has been sold. It was put up for auction in February. One piece of rock weighing 15g sold for £22,304. So, why was it so expensive? First, it is very rare. This was the first space rock to be found in the UK in 30 yearsMost of the tighter US abortion laws introduced in the US this year have not come into effect as they are awaiting legal challenges.. And experts say it is special. Material on its surface is ancientVery old. . One scientist says it is “a glimpse into what the Solar System looked like as it was forming some 4.6 billion years ago”. As they study it, scientists could use it to find out more about how Earth was created. It could even show us how likely it is that similar planets exist somewhere else in space.

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