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The refugee who became a chess champion

Should everybody play chess? A 10-year-old boy who had to flee his country and live on the streets has become a chess master. He says playing the game changed his life for the better. What's happening? In a homeless shelterA place where people who do not have a home can stay for a short period of time. in New YorkA city in the USA. It is in a state also called New York. , an 8-year-old boy is walking to his room with something heavy in his arms. The boy is a refugeePeople who are forced from their countries because war or persecution.. He is homeless and far from his home country. But he cannot stop grinning. This is because he is carrying a huge trophyA cup awarded as a prize for winning something. . He has just won a chess championshipA big competition to find the best in a sport or game.. Find out more Tani’s was born in NigeriaA country in western Africa. More people live in Nigeria than in any other country in Africa.. But he had to leave his home because life was too dangerousable to injure or harm.. So, he and his family came to New York. They lived in a shelter. Tani’s parents got jobs as a taxi driver and a cleaner. Meanwhile, Tani learnt to play chess. He got better and better. Soon, he was winning lots of competitions. After that, his life changed. People helped him and his family find a home. His parents were offered better jobs. Now, Tani is a National MasterThis is a title given to anyone with a chess rating of 2200. Points can be gained from doing well in competitions.. Should everyone play chess? Some say Yes! Chess is one of the oldest games humans have ever played. It can teach you all about focus and planning. You have to be cunning. And, as Tani himself says: “It can change your life.” Others think No. Chess is not for everyone. Tani used chess to help him find success. But we can also succeed in other ways. We should use Tani's story to be inspiredWhen one thing causes another person to have the creativity to do another thing. to learn new things. KeywordsHomeless shelter - A place where people who do not have a home can stay for a short period of time.

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