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The man who lives as a hermit (and loves it)

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Should we all be hermits sometimes? Ken Smith lives alone in a hut he built himself. He has no electricity, heating or water. He thinks it is the perfect life.  What’s happening?  Ken Smith is the star of a TV show. It is about his life.  Ken is a hermitSomeone who has chosen to live away from the rest of society, usually for religious reasons.. He has lived alone for 40 years.  Find out more Ken lives in ScotlandA country that is part of the United Kingdom. It covers the northern part of the island of Great Britain. . He built a hut out of wood. It does not have water or electricityA kind of energy that can be controlled and sent through wires. It powers such things as heaters, light bulbs and computers.. He keeps warm with a fire.  He gets his food from nature. He grows vegetables. He eats berries from bushes. He catches fish to cook and eat.  Some people think his life is perfect.  Should we all be hermits sometimes? Some say  Yes! It is good to have some time alone. Normal life is too busy! Others say  No. It is better to spend time with people we love!  KeywordsHermit - Someone who has chosen to live away from the rest of society, usually for religious reasons.

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