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The machine that could revolutionise physics

Will the Universe reveal a big secret? Deep underground in France, the world's biggest science experiment is aiming to unlock the secrets of the universe. What's happening? Dr Marcella Bona is standing in the biggest machine in the world. She is excited. It is time to start it up again.  Find out more Dr Bona works at the Large Hadron Collider. It is a particle accelerator: a long, huge tube 100m underground. It is 16 miles long. Scientists use the collider to study tiny particles created by atomsThe smallest unit of any chemical element. crashing together inside it. The collider was closed in 2018. But now it has been updated. Scientists are ready to use it once again.  Will the Universe reveal a big secret? Some say Yes! We are going to discover something big. The collider can show us things about physics we can only imagine. This is an exciting time.  Others think  No. We have reached the limit of what science can tell us about the Universe. The collider is amazing. But it will not give us any answers.  KeywordsAtoms - The smallest unit of any chemical element.

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