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The life and death of a plastic bag

Is recycling a myth? A journalist tracked what happened to a shopping bag when it was thrown away. The results were a big surprise.  What's happening?  The plastic bag’s useful life was very short. A shopper used it to carry their groceries to the car. Then its job was done.  Plastic bags are hard to recycle. But one supermarket has set up a project to recycle as many bags as possible. Now, research shows it might not be as useful as we think.  Find out more Kit Chellel is a journalist. He wanted to find out what happens to plastic when it goes to be recycled.  He put a tiny tracker in his shopping bag. He dropped it off in a Tesco shop in London.  The plastic bag travelled a long way. First, it went to a port in Essex. Soon, it was in Europe. It ended up in a Polish town where a company looks after recycling. It was kept in a big building with lots of other plastic bags.  But then, it moved again. Kit last heard of his bag in Turkey. Nobody knows what happened to his bag. But experts fear that it might not have been recycled at all. Some people have found piles of burning plastic nearby.  Is recycling a myth? Some say  Yes! When we put our rubbish in a bin, we do not think about where it goes. Recycling is much messier than we think.  Others think   No. Recycling does happen. We buy recycled products all the time! Today is Earth Day. We must not give up hope!     KeywordsJournalist - Somebody who writes about the latest news for newspapers and magazines or explains the news on television.

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