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The edible insects coming to a shop near you

A close-up photo of a damselfly © Getty

Is it right to turn bugs into food? More and more companies plan to sell them as snacks. They say it could end world hunger and help the planet. What’s happening?  Would you like a grilled caterpillar? How about grasshopper steakA thick slice of beef. ? You could try one before long! Insects could soon be tasty treats around the world.  Find out more People have eaten insects for thousands of years. But now they are becoming more popular.  One company uses insects to make dog food. Another makes chewy sweets.   Insects are good for us. They are full of protein. We need it to survive.  And eating insects is good for the planet. It could stop us from growing meat like beef.  But some people are not keen on eating the creepy crawlies.  Is it right to turn bugs into food? Some say No. Eating bugs is just as bad as eating sheep or cows. We should respect all living creatures!  Others think Yes! They are good for us. They will not run out. We should eat bugs, not meat! KeywordsSteak - A thick slice of beef.

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