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The AI that can draw anything in any style

Will images replace words? Humans have used pictures for much longer than writing words. Now, a robot can make beautiful art in seconds.  What's happening?  An astronaut rides a horse through space.  You're not dreaming. This is what photos will look like in the future.  Find out more Scientists have made a robot that can make art. DALL-E 2 looks at famous paintings and makes new versions of them.  Today, there are 45 billion cameras in the world. Some people think we use pictures so much, that they might replace words. Will images replace words? Some say Yes! We use pictures all the time. We even write using emojis! This will happen sooner or later.  Others think  No. Words are worth a lot more than pictures. We use them to speak. It will not happen.    KeywordsAstronaut - Someone whose job it is to go into space.

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