‘The Day is a very useful resource with all worksheets and related material aligned to general curriculum standards. The site is an interrelated space, ideal for research, open-ended discovery and project-based learning. It is aimed at generating opportunities for deeper and more critical knowledge development, social awareness, question generation, critical thinking and metacognitive reflection.’

Kemble Elliott, Director of Creative & Critical Thinking, Redhill School, Johannesburg

‘The Day is a brilliant innovation and a brilliant resource — the important, the curious, the quirky taken from the day’s news, brought to you complete with questions to ask, links to explore, language to learn and activities to follow. Your very own curriculum Research & Development group — every day of the week.’

Toby Newton, Deputy Head of School, International College Hong Kong

‘We promote the use of The Day to support the reading literacy programme in our library. It is also a resource we promote during study time to develop students' wider knowledge in all subject areas. As the articles are updated regularly and tie in with seasonal events, they are often read as part of our PHSE and Citizenship programmes. The articles are lively, interesting and topical so the students have also been keen to read them independently.’

Janine Murphy, Head of Library and Literacy, British International School of Kuala Lumpur

‘The Day is an excellent resource that keeps our school up to date with the latest news and events around the world. Teachers and students are able to source and use current and relevant information that feeds into their lessons, classwork and curriculum studies at any time.’

Nicholas Green, Head Of Secondary King´s College, Murcia, Spain

‘I cannot speak highly enough of The Day in delivering current issues into the hands of our students in a timely, engaging and accessible format’

Philip Williams, Librarian, Vientiane International School

‘The Day is awesome on all levels. I discovered this resource several years ago and we have slowly built it up to a whole-school resource. Both teachers and students draw benefits from the impartial and interesting daily news stories; through the Big Issues; the IB section and more recently The Day Connections — it is all a huge success. Well done!’

Alison Clarke, International School Of Geneva — La Châtaigneraie Campus

‘THE DAY has become the go to current affairs resource for students and teachers at the International School of Düsseldorf.’

Stuart Crouch, Head of Senior School Libraries

‘I think the resources look excellent and will be of particular value to us in Humanities. Your recent coverage of the Paris attacks, and the need to discuss this sensitively with students, has contributed to getting the go-ahead for the subscription.’

Neville Kirton, Head of Humanities, Colegio Anglo Colombiano

‘The Day’s simple user interface, professionally written articles, thoughtful links and other features ensure it continues to be popular at our school.’

Mr Philip Williams, Librarian, Vientiane International School

‘The Day is time efficient and a fun, easy way to keep up-to-date with current affairs.’

Colleen Traviss-Lea, Deputy Principal, Crawford College Lonehill, South Africa

‘The Day is an incredible resource for educators. It provides me with the most up-to-date issues, presented in a way that my students can relate to. When deciding on a current events subscription for our school, what set The Day apart for me was its choice of topics: Instead of the mundane, overly-simplified articles I found on other platforms, The Day provided a selection of high-interest, slightly ‘edgy’ events that got my students debating within minutes and genuinely engaged throughout the lesson.

Added to the high quality writing is an array of thought provoking activities, discussion pointers, and links that I use to challenge my stronger readers, as well as support my second-language learners.

In all, The Day has proven to be an invaluable resource to me as an English educator. It has re-ignited our love for current events and provided me with boundless teaching opportunities.’

Michelle Jones, English teacher, Halcyon International School

‘I love using The Day, because not only does it deliver fantastic articles that our children love, but it provides great tools to allow them to explore issues further, including activities and further reading. We are using it in a range of subjects in our school, such as English and MFL, but also to support extra activities such as Debate Club and student lead campaigns!

Having The Day has helped cut my work load down and has provided me with lots of inspiration and new ideas, positively impacted my teaching practice!’

Lenny Dutton, Librarian Halcyon International School

‘The Day is a brilliant online resource — full of wonderful offerings and lesson ideas.’

Ian Herne, Chief Librarian, Southbank International School

‘The graphics hit the spot!’

Ian Herne, Chief DP Librarian, Southbank International School

‘The Day provides such interesting, relevant ideas for student discussion and classroom activities, that my life as a Head of PSHE and classroom teacher has just been made a whole lot easier for the coming year.’

Jo Shaw, Teacher of History, School Leader of Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL), British School of Washington

‘I have found it an excellent resource which my children have found really interesting to read and are always engaged with the follow up activities you set.’

Keith Ward, Epsom Normal School, New Zealand

‘The Day has provided our students with a wealth of relevant and readily accessible material that has supplemented our pastoral programme. It has provoked deep and meaningful conversations that have been far reaching and challenging to our students. The ‘immediate’ nature of the articles, focusing on issues that are current and challenging has resulted in our students taking a far more active interest in the news and views available to them through a rich variety of digital media. We have seen students researching data and challenging sources and views with real enthusiasm and passion as they have debated the issues behind the articles.’

Pippa Derry, Vice-Principal (Curriculum), UWCSEA, Singapore

‘As a teacher of Grade 6 English and Humanities, I am constantly looking for ways to incorporate current events into the curriculum. The news articles provided in The Day are an excellent resource for my middle school students. The topics are interesting and captivating, but more importantly, relevant to my students’ lives and the world around them. It is beautiful to see their eyes light up when they see a topic that interests them.

Most recently, I had students in my English class choose an article from The Day to write a poem about. At the end of the class, I had 22 uniquely-written haikus describing current events from around the world. It was awesome to see them combine their own creativity with relevant, important, current event topics.’

Hannah Rader, Middle School English and Humanities Teacher, Taejon Christian International School, South Korea

‘The Day is an excellent resource for Middle Schoolers. It presents information in a compact, readable, highly visual format that piques student interest. The additional links balance perspectives on each topic and are a great launching pad for students to pursue inquiry of their own.’

Ronalda Johnson, English Language Arts Subject Leader, Grade 8 Teacher, Taejon Christian International School, South Korea

‘The Day is innovative, informative and perfectly pitched for an audience of young readers, whilst being carefully designed to assist teachers in their daily classroom practice....Students and faculty have responded with great interest and enthusiasm to The Day because of its genuine substance, total accuracy and innate ability to instigate classroom debate and to stimulate thinking among students preparing for presentations, assemblies and academic projects.’

Dr Matthew Sullivan, Principal, The International School Bangalore, India

‘We find The Day invaluable for both regular classroom teaching and PSHE lessons. The mix of international news, subject-related issues and general interest topics means that there is a huge variety of useful material available. Whilst the language is straightforward enough for our younger students and clear enough for our ESL groups, the articles also manage to provide a stimulus for further research and discussion by our older and more able pupils. In addition, the pdf versions of the well-illustrated articles make for effortless yet vibrant and stimulating classroom displays. The Day is a real multi-tasker and well worth the subscription!’

Lucy Widdows, History Teacher & University Advisor, Aiglon College, Switzerland

‘I first learnt about The Day at the end-of-year Schools Debating AGM last year. There was a demonstration of its website and the type of articles one could access and I was really impressed! I found the articles were a balanced mix of reasonably-high register with easily-accessible content — just the right amount of challenge for my learners.’

Layle Henderson, English teacher at Pinetown Girls High School, a government school in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa

‘The Day claims to explain matters and that’s exactly what it does. The stories sent each day are written in a robust, clear style that cuts to the heart of the events and their implications. They are also dramatically illustrated. And since every story has an ethical subtext, the perceived rights and wrongs of things that happen in the world are spelled out in terms to which children can relate and that will inspire passionate argument. The upshot is very rich material for debate and discursive writing in just about any subject on the curriculum. A subscription to The Day will be repaid over and again in terms of your pupils’ learning.’

Donald Cairnduff, Vice Principal, Bangor Grammar School, Northern Ireland


‘The Day COBIS covers a huge range of interesting and relevant topics, designed to help young minds make sense of the world around them. It gives students the information they need in a way that is exciting, concise, colourful and immediate.’

Colin Bell, CEO, COBIS

‘As a leading education charity with a long term commitment to education in this country we are only too pleased to take a group subscription for the 32 schools and academies within our family.
Our objective is to bring out the best in everyone and The Day will provide a rich teaching resource and gateway into the world of media for our students.’

Charlotte Rendle-Short, Deputy Chief Executive, United Church Schools Trust/United Learning Trust

‘Debating is vital, and news is a catalyst for discussion that people can relate to,’
‘It is important to recognise that at the heart of each school subject is a series of debates. History, for example, is in many ways about the process of digging down to the point of dispute. That is how you open up being critical and thoughtful.’

Professor Richard Andrews from the Department of Learning, Curriculum and Communication in the Faculty of Children and Learning at the Institute of Education

‘Firstly I was thoroughly engaged and excited about receiving my email and I think it is terrific not only for the students but as a teacher too. After a few days of The Day my imagination began to grow and it wasn’t long until I had my own unique ideas on what The Day could do in my situation.’

Liam Pettit, Manager, Whizz Education

‘The Day is a great idea and a very impressive website. If you’re hiring somebody, you want to know that they are anchored in the real world. Young people are at a big disadvantage if they lack the confidence to discuss contemporary issues — that confidence is something that recruiters can spot instantly.’

Carl Gilleard, Chief Executive, Association of Graduate Recruiters

‘Our parents and tutors love The Day. They have found it especially useful when helping to prepare their children or students for senior school interviews, in which one is often asked about current affairs.’

Will Orr-Ewing, Director, Keystone tutors, London

‘An absolutely brilliant idea, and a great help to teachers seeking to broaden their students’ grasp of social issues and world affairs. Future applicants for degree courses in politics-related subjects will especially benefit.’

Elfi Pallis, Author of Oxbridge Entrance, The Real Rules