Published: Saturday, 23 April 2022

Our storytelling challenge winners

Reading Level: 1

SuperBert by Iris Williams

Did you know cats can be superheroes? From the moment Bertie was born, he had always longed to be a superhero. He had seen magazines and book covers about heroes like Batman and Spiderman. He hoped one day he could be like one of them. One night, he discovered that he had superpowers! He could fly, become invisible, teleport and more. Bertie felt so lucky. He decided his superhero name was SuperBert. He wished there was somebody he could rescue. The next day he realised his owner Lily wasn’t coming to feed him. He used his powers to track her and discovered she had been kidnapped by a supervillain! This was Bertie’s chance to be a hero, so he set off to Evil Eddie’s castle. When he got there, he managed to defeat him and flew to Lily’s prison cage. Lily was unconscious when Bertie arrived, so he used power to float her back home. She hadn’t woken up, so Bertie licked her. At once Lily sat up and hugged him, thanking him for rescuing her. As a reward, she gave Bertie some Dreamies. “My little Superbert,” said Lily, stroking the best cat ever.

Witchcraft by Elena Mason

“Ouch!” Neve cried out as she was walking through a berry bush in the garden. “Whoever left this garden like this needs to do some gardening fast,” she grumbled as her t-shirt got caught on a thorn. Her mum had booked a holiday for them in a cottage, but that wasn’t why she was so excited. It was because of the witch circle: a circle made by witches a long time ago. People believe that witches still go there. Obviously, witches were Neve’s favourite subject. She was going through the garden because she heard that at the back of the garden was the way into the witch circle. When Neve got to the back of the garden, she saw a portal. Neve went through and the first thing she saw was hundreds of witches. Neve hid before a witch saw her; she then heard her mum shout through the phone: “Don’t go near the witches Neve! Get out of there now!” Neve quickly ran back through the portal and into her garden. She wondered if her mum was a witch too, but she decided not to ask.