Frenzy for the phone that costs 1,000 dollars

Price tag: The iPhone X could be 54% more expensive than the iPhone 7. © Marques Brownlee

Has Apple gone too far with the iPhone X? Top secret details of the latest model were leaked on Saturday, revealing radical design changes as the company marks the iPhone’s 10th birthday.

Wireless charging, face recognition and a 3D camera. “Animojis” allowing the user to create animated emojis which mirror their facial expressions.

And a price tag of over £750: more than the average annual salary in a poor country such as Malawi.

Plans for Apple’s latest release have been shrouded in secrecy for months with employees sworn to silence. But finally yesterday some of the details emerged.

The internet went into a meltdown of excitement.

Details of the iPhone 8 as well as of a premium model called iPhone X were published ahead of today’s launch at Apple’s headquarters. The leak was called a “deliberate malicious attack”.

Apple decided to create such an expensive product based on internal research showing that 21% of consumers would buy the latest model, whatever the cost.

But there is also a growing belief that we are spending too much time on our phones.

The BBC revealed in 2014 that UK adults spend more time on their smartphones than they do sleeping; a third of them have tried a digital detox.

And yet smartphones are clearly important to us. In two 2015 surveys, 46% said they couldn’t live without their phone.

Too far?

“The features on this model are absurd,” some complain. The best things in life are the simplest. Consider the humble book; the Kindle never stood a chance. And don’t mention the ridiculous Turducken creation. The new iPhone X is overpriced and overcomplicated. Apple has forgotten what made the original iPhone great: its simplicity.

“Hang on a second!” respond others. Your phone is now your computer, your camera, your wallet, your address book and your diary, not to mention your book, your box of games, your social life and your identity. Just think — the price for all that crucial tech is less than many people spend in Starbucks in a year.

You Decide

  1. Have you ever felt addicted to technology?


  1. Design the smartphone of 2050. What features does it have?

Some People Say...

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”

Steve Jobs

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Q & A

What do we know?
The new iPhones are buttonless, with Apple having got rid of the home button which has appeared on all other iPhones. This is the first significant design change to the iPhone in three years.
What do we not know?
There have been rumours that some of the parts for the new models are in short supply, meaning that customers could be kept waiting for the arrival of their phone.

Word Watch

Digital detox
Increasing numbers of adults are taking a break from technology, in particular refraining from using electronic devices such as smartphones or computers, as a way to reduce stress and better engage with others around them. To detoxify is to remove toxic substances (like drugs or alcohol).
In a poll by Gallup of 15,747 American smartphone users, 46% agreed with the statement: “I can’t imagine my life without my smartphone.” The same percentage in a Pew survey earlier that year also said they “couldn’t live without” their smartphone.
Chef Paul Prudhomme came up with the Turducken in the 1970s, after stuffing a turkey with a duck, stuffed with a chicken.

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