US Election 2020

It has been billed as the election that could break America. In the red corner, Donald Trump aged 74, the no-holds-barred cage-fighter, angry, aggressive and going out to stamp his legacy on history with four more years. In the blue corner, Joe Biden aged 77, the charmer, and the man who has seen it all, making a last bid for the most powerful job in the world. If Biden wins on 3 November, many expect the world’s richest economy and longest-standing democracy to take a sharp turn to the left with major new policies on climate change and social equality. If Trump wins, many expect him to round on his enemies and deepen the divisions currently threatening to rip America apart. And if Trump loses but refuses to go? Experts are now openly thinking the unthinkable: could there be violent clashes between rival supporters, the military on the streets and a possible break-up of the USA?