The Covid crisis

The global pandemic that grew out of a new coronavirus first detected in December 2019 in Wuhan, China, is likely to change our world profoundly and forever. We have little doubt that it will come to be seen as the most important global event since World War Two. Some of the changes will be hard. Economies are struggling and we may all feel poorer. Freedoms to travel and socialise will be curtailed. Other changes may be for the better. Our lives may become simpler, deeper and more reflective. New communities may emerge. Families may become closer. Our job is to look beneath the froth of everyday events and focus on the deeper currents that are swiftly reshaping global society. This collection of stories should, one day, serve as a record of the serious discussions humanity was having as it went through a time of immeasurable upheaval: the coronavirus pandemic of 2020 and beyond.